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By Oliver Burns

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January 10, 2014|

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  • house should not only look good on the inside, but on the outside too. From the paint colour of your window frames, to the gleam of your front door, taking time to perfect the entrance to your house can help make it feel warm, inviting and cosy and will create the right first impression.
Image sourced via BBC

Painting your front door in a bold colour will ensure it will stand out. Classic colours such as black and red in full gloss are great for front doors providing an elegant, classic look. For something softer, a matt sage-green or blue grey can create a welcoming first impression and a relaxed feel.

Image sourced via The Paper Mulberry

Painting window frames in the same colour as the door, or in a similar tone, using different finishes will give added interest to a building. However, stick to no more than three colours or the house will begin to look disordered. In the house above a sage green has been used for the door, teamed with a warm cream for the window frames, providing a fresh appearance.

Image sourced via Flickr

Greenery around a front door can create a lovely welcome for you and your guests. Adding flowers with strong scents will ensure the entrance to your home is surrounded with a beautiful floral aroma. For houses without a front garden, window boxes and topiary on your porch also make a wonderful addition.

Image sourced via Freshome

Just as lighting is important inside your home, it is equally as important outside. Exterior lighting will allow your property to stand out and highlight any architectural features, as well as giving you added security. Layer the lighting through using up-lighting to accentuate the height of the building and lower level lighting to emphasise the external landscape of your front garden.

Image sourced via Farrow & Ball

When the front door is opened, the entrance hall needs to make an impression – it should be welcoming and stylish. It is an area where we don’t spend much time so bold colour can take centre stage. Use a colour such as Farrow & Ball London Clay No.244 to create a dramatic look that is rich and inviting.

The façade of a house is often forgotten; however with small touches the exterior architecture can come alive, turning a brick building into a welcoming home.


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