Sublime Surroundings: Luxury Interiors With A View

By Oliver Burns

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August 25, 2016|Architecture

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  • rom a dramatic cliffside location to an eco-home nestled amongst woodland, exceptional surroundings can inform and shape the fabric of a home. Architects and designers have long since looked to nature for cues, drawing on organic patterns, shapes and colours to create a continuity between the inside and out. With advances in digital technology, and more recently 3D printing, mimicking natural shapes and structures through architecture is simpler than ever before. This has spurred an ever-growing number of architects to create homes which merge seamlessly with the landscape and further accentuate the beauty of a natural backdrop.
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The acclaimed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, pioneered the term ‘organic architecture’ to describe this environmentally integrated approach to designing buildings whose shape or function mimics nature. The architect proclaimed ‘a building should appear to grow easily from its site and be shaped to harmonise with its surroundings, as if Nature is manifest there’. By constructing an environment not separate or dominant from nature, the lines between the interior and exterior are blurred, creating a unified space. This effect can be further heightened through thoughtfully considered use of materials, which ensures uninterrupted movement throughout the home. Glass is particularly effective at showcasing a stunning location; allowing natural light to infiltrate the space by day and creating a vantage point for stargazing by night. Furthermore, the incorporation of natural materials such as locally sourced wood or stone, ensures authenticity and helps to anchor a home contextually.

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A spectacular example of a house which is harmoniously positioned within its surroundings is ‘The Mirage’. Designed by Kois Associate Architects and located on the Greek island of Tinos, the house enjoys magnificent views across the Aegean Sea. The design of this unique property centres on the expanse of blue water and sky which envelops the home from all sides. It’s location on a natural plateau, which is partially submerged in the landscape, allows for a lateral, single-storey layout which seemingly vanishes into its surroundings. The entirety of the space is covered by a rimless infinity pool, creating the visual effect of the water reaching outwards towards the horizon before fading into the sea. This acts as a huge mirror, camouflaging the house with its surroundings.  This property was built using local materials and techniques further accentuating the beauty of this house’s exceptional setting.

Image via Oliver Burns

For our UHNW clients, who are accustomed to the very best, the view a property offers needs to be unparalleled. Our penthouse at Beau House in the heart of Jermyn Street, is perched at the top of a seven storey building, presenting a spectacular vista of London’s skyline. This forms a central design element, where an alfresco living space has been conceived to maximise the experience provided by this stunning panorama. A fire pit, outdoor entertainment system and kitchen are framed by a sumptuous seating area, creating the perfect environment to enjoy the view in luxurious comfort. This coupled with a state-of-the-art retractable glass roof ensures that Beau House’s extraordinary location remains centre stage.

Image via Demilked

With increasingly ambitious and innovative design inspired by the land, sea and sky, the boundaries of organic architecture will only continue to broaden.

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