The Top 5 Features of Super-Prime Property

By Oliver Burns

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March 2, 2016|Architecture

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  • uper-prime property is all about the superlative; from the very finest materials to world-class luxury amenities, the standard is nothing short of exceptional. The crème de la crème of real estate, super-prime is typically defined as the top 5% of the market with a price tag of £10m plus. There are a number of elements which classify whether a property falls within this bracket, ranging from its location to bespoke detailing; read on to discover the top five requirements that Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI’s) look for when purchasing at the top end of the market.
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Location remains one of the top attributes that makes a property attractive to our discerning clients, no more so than London’s prestigious golden postcodes. Traditionally encompassing Mayfair, Belgravia, Knightsbridge and the Royal Boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea, this is extending to flourishing pockets of the capital’s real estate map such as Bayswater, Regent’s Park and Marylebone. These areas all offer excellent transport connections, proximity to the finest restaurants, hotels and high-end shopping, as well as being areas of rich heritage.

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With a world class lifestyle on their doorstep, our clients expect these amenities to extend to their home. Many UHNWI’s spend a large portion of their year travelling and staying in the finest hotels and therefore have become accustomed to the wrap around comfort and high level of hospitality delivered. Hotel-style services such as an on hand 24 hour concierge, valet parking, internal lifts and additional luxuries such as a swimming pool or gym all elevate a property to a super-prime level. Due for launch in September, our Beau House project exemplifies these hallmarks of luxury living. A collaboration with Dukelease, the 4,000 sq ft penthouse features a magnificent roof terrace boasting far-reaching views of London. This coupled with meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship ensures Beau House truly embodies the super prime home.

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At Oliver Burns we are renowned for best in class finishes, crafting residences that make an instant impact. As the first visual impression internally, the reception area needs to be sensational. Our homes deliver instant aesthetic impact, with features such as a stunning staircase and filigree balustrading communicating an instant sense of luxury. A large, lateral space of at least 3,000 sq ft coupled with double or even triple height ceilings (at a height of at least 3m) further reinforces a property’s superior status.

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Security and privacy often come high up on a client’s wish list, which is especially important for a property that is exposed in a high profile area. This begins at planning stage where security measures such as hidden rooms and spaces are woven into the architecture of the building. Bullet, blast and bomb resistant windows and doors are installed and although never openly discussed, panic rooms come as a standard in the majority of homes we design. More advanced technology measures extend to retina and iris scanning, finger print scanning and thermal detection. For our globally mobile clients who travel for business and pleasure on a regular basis, being able to control their home’s security system remotely is a highly beneficial feature.

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The finishing touches and attention to detail are what truly differentiates the ordinary from the extraordinary. We thoughtfully design the residences we work in to highlight the standout feature in a property; for instance the beauty of high ceilings in a period home can be accentuated to dazzling effect by a statement chandelier. By working with master artisans this ensures our clients receive a truly one off and bespoke home to be treasured for years to come. Luxury can also be found in unexpected places; from bronze inlay doors to high gloss cabinetry concealing technology, functionality is always married with exquisite finishes in our projects.

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At Oliver Burns, beautiful homes are our passion, with each of our projects thoughtfully designed, thoughtfully built and thoughtfully finished; an ethos that underpins everything we do. But with the super-prime market experiencing economic and political uncertainty alongside increasingly exacting requirements, the marketplace is in a state of flux. With the definition of luxury shifting, so too is our pursuit of perfection in every home we design.

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