Designing Children’s Rooms

By Oliver Burns

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September 16, 2013|

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  • hen it comes to designing children’s rooms, getting the right balance between style and practicality can be problematic. A lot of the furniture and fabrics on the market are based on brightly coloured cartoon merchandise and therefore designed to last just a short period of time. In designing children’s bedrooms, I believe they should have a simple natural feel, akin to the little people who will spending much of their time in there. They should also have longevity, as it’s neither practical nor good for the environment to be regularly replacing furniture and repainting walls. It is much better to invest in a few iconic pieces that can be kept in the family for years to come and gather stories along the way that can be shared with your children as they grow up. With this in mind, here are my ideas for designing a modern space for your growing kids that will stand the test of time.
Image sourced via Architectural Digest

Experimenting with paint can help create striking wall candy that your kids will love. Adding simple stripes, dots or even just using different colours on opposing walls can add interest and a fun element to children’s rooms. Try to keep the palette predominantly neutral though as too much vibrant colour in a children’s bedroom can be over-stimulating and is therefore not conducive to relaxation and sleep.

Image sourced via PaperBoy

If you prefer the finished look that wallpaper gives you, then take a look at PaperBoy or pop down toDecorex next week where they will be exhibiting their fantastic range of fabrics and wallpapers. They use classic imagery delivered in a contemporary way, giving a modern yet timeless look that also feels handcrafted.

Image sourced via Rafa Kids

When it comes to furniture, practicality should take precedence, but that doesn’t mean that style needs to be compromised. This fantastic modern bunk bed by Rafa Kids is both stylish and practical. Its neutral colours and simple lines ensures it integrates into almost any colour scheme, whilst its cool cut out shape and second wheeled bed, makes it fun to sleep in.

Image sourced via Vitra

Adding in a few classic furniture items, such as these cool Panton Junior Chairs from Vitra (showing at100% Design this week), means that you can keep them forever, even when children have outgrown them.

Image sourced via Huset Shop

When it comes to flooring, wood or rubber are practical hard wearing choices. Soften the look by adding texture with the wool ‘Pinocchio’ rug from Hay.

Image sourced via UFUNK

Finally, when looking for lighting, go beyond the norm and install these memory balloon lights from John Moncrieff. They come in a range of colours that will work with any scheme and will particularly pop against a white wall.

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