Statement Armchairs

By Oliver Burns

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January 12, 2015|

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  • common place item within most of our homes, the armchair need not be a cumbersome part of a three piece suite, it can be an elegant addition to your living room providing an extra seat for guests or a place to enjoy your favourite book.  Alternatively you could select a more streamlined occasional chair to fill an unused corner. Whatever the purpose the styles of armchair available are vast from those with traditional rolled arms to sleek contemporary redesigns of classic shapes. Below I look at some of my favourites.
Image via Oliver Burns

For the ultimate in comfort the Le Bambole 07 chair, designed by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia, provides a relaxed look that’s great for any setting. The soft and slouchy cube would fit perfectly into either a family home or a contemporary penthouse apartment.

For a piece with more structure, a contemporary take on a classic in the form of the Soft & Creamyarmchair by Munna is the perfect choice. An adaptation on the traditional wingback design, Munna have stayed true to the essence of the wingback, enhancing it by adding button detailing to the rear and a metallic finish to the legs. Above, we used them as a pair to reflect the symmetry within the room.

Image via Oliver Burns

Adding an armchair in your bedroom can add another dimension to the room and having your own space to sit and relax is important. High backs and unique shapes work best for a statement bedroom armchair making this Val d’lsere chair from Christopher Guy a perfect choice.  The elegant design features hand carved bowed arms in a dark varnished finish which accentuates the sleek design.

Image sourced via The Urbane Manor

The Bergere armchair from Moda provides a traditional masculine shape, fitting for use in a home office.  Stud detailing provides a tailored look and the soft leather upholstery will improve with age making this a timeless addition whatever the location.

A statement armchair will always stand the test of time if it offers bold aesthetics and proportions. The best armchairs should be designed with the human form in mind with graceful curves for both comfort and style.


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