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By Oliver Burns

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September 30, 2016|Luxury Insight

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  • he debut of LuxuryMade last week marked an exciting new addition to the inaugural London Design Festival line-up. Adopting an editorial approach to showcasing the very best in contemporary decorative interiors, the first edition of LuxuryMade presented a discerning selection of only 50 exhibitors. This exclusivity was reflected in the choice of location; the faded grandeur of the Olympia Pillar Halls provided the perfect backdrop to present a roster of British and international talent, creating an atmosphere more reminiscent of a boutique than a tradeshow. This unique context offered the ideal position to encourage conversation, posing the important question of ‘what is luxury?’. Inspired by our recent visit to LuxuryMade, we explore the shifting definition of luxury, drawing on a range of exhibitors from the show that exemplify what luxury means today.
Image via LuxuryMade

At Oliver Burns, we understand luxury to be timeless in quality, eschewing trends in favour of noble materials and time-honoured techniques to craft a home that will be treasured for years to come. In order to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive industry, luxury is also consistently innovative in its approach to design. Leading the way in terms of production, craftsmen and manufacturers in the luxury sector often employ pioneering and advanced techniques, all the while subtly referencing contemporary trends in their pieces. When executed with a critical eye for detail, using precious and exclusive materials and finishes, the results can be truly exceptional as LuxuryMade illustrated.

Image via LuxuryMade

A case in point is the exquisite work of art gallery Ventique. Specialising in exclusive creations incorporating precious materials such as a crystals and gold, Ventique is luxury epitomised. Each of their designs is commissioned, ensuring each piece is a wholly unique work of art. Ventique showcased a trio of complimentary pieces at LuxuryMade; a dazzling light fixture inspired by the Milky Way hung above a glass table exquisitely inset with a constellation of crystals. Upon the adjacent wall, a triptych featuring a cross-section had been created to highlight the beauty of geodes. This collection in its skilful combination of precious materials with cutting-edge technology, serves as an example of the high calibre of work that was on show at LuxuryMade.

Image via Studio 198

Another design studio specialising in decorative pieces for the home is Studio 198. In combining multiple layers of resin and aluminium substrate to form bespoke panels, Studio 198 have been successful in creating striking and captivating centrepieces for the luxury market. Taking inspiration from a broad range of influences, from the delicate beauty of feathers to the geometric intricacies of agate, the designs of founder Omer Aslam are as unique as their natural counterparts. This coupled with the light-weight, durable and environmentally-friendly qualities of a Studio 198 panel make for a sought-after piece of luxury workmanship.

Image via Tom Faulkner

Exhibiting alongside flourishing new talent was renowned furniture maker, Tom Faulkner. Known for his show-stopping tables and chairs made from metal, timber, glass and leather, the broad range of his pieces on display demonstrated his mastery of a variety of different materials. A stand out piece was his iconic Ava table, cleverly named to reflect the ‘A’ and ‘V’ shapes of the piece created from placing two tetrahedrons on top of one another. Tom’s passion for daring proportions and mathematical precision is skilfully demonstrated in how the centre of gravity has been carefully positioned to create a strong and stable platform, whilst maintaining the visual illusion that it could topple at any minute. This blend of innovative and unexpected design with exceptional craftsmanship ensures his designs continue to be desirable to a luxury clientele.

Image via By Koket

The first year of LuxuryMade provided a platform which has generated a new and fresh dialogue around the luxury design sector. Through the series of inspiring talks and range of unique exhibitors on display, LuxuryMade has provided greater visibility to independent craftsmen whilst also offering a new lens through which to view established designers. For these reasons, we are already eagerly anticipating LuxuryMade 2017.

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