The Art of Scent Styling: The Power of Scent in Interiors

By Oliver Burns

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September 2, 2018|Trends

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  • ur sense of smell is the most powerful and emotional of all the senses, as it is directly hardwired to the brain. Scent styling is fast becoming the next frontier in interiors as we strive to cater for all five senses. Our studio doesn’t underestimate the importance of a multi-sensory approach to design.  We know that scent has the ability to instantly transform a space, evoking the senses and enveloping someone in a story or memory, enhancing their experience.
Image via Floris

The influence of the ‘oldest’ sense has been detailed throughout history, from finding perfume jars for the afterlife in Tutankhamun’s tomb, through to Marie Antoinette’s love of perfumed gloves and King Louis XV demanding a different fragrance for his apartment every day.  As the role of scent becomes more understood it is increasingly looked on as a true artistic medium.

At Oliver Burns we tap into the power of scent to create ‘olfactory ‘or ‘scent’ logos that embody the unique characteristics of our prestigious projects; we like to tell the story of the beautiful buildings we work in through fragrance.

Image via Floris

In a nod to its prestigious Jermyn Street address, we collaborated closely with eminent royal perfumers, Floris, to handcraft a bespoke signature fragrance for The Brummell Penthouse at Beau House.  Beau was a client of Floris, and the scent reflects elements of quintessential British tailoring and craftsmanship; embodying the essence of the jewel in the crown of the development; thoughtful, understated and elegant – the new face of an iconic address.

Image via Floris

The ‘noses’ at Floris created a fresh citrus scent, with orange blossom, woody notes, and warm and lingering undertones of frankincense and myrrh. A fragrance with hints to the clean notes associated with the Regency Era of Beau Brummell, but in a modern telling befitting the timeless British design and styling of The Brummell Penthouse.

Olfactory memory is particularly important when we work with private clients on their portfolio of homes across the world, whether it’s for a Mayfair townhouse, a Mumbai penthouse, an Italian villa or a country estate.  All of these projects have their signature style and each is intuitively designed to be a home from home. Our clients spend so much time travelling that when they arrive home their favourite scent creates an instantaneous feeling of familiarity and another sensory layer of welcome or ‘hello,’ which we like to think of as Thoughtful Luxury in practice.

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