Colour Evolution: Yellow

By Oliver Burns

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January 15, 2016|Trends

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  • lthough it is one of the key colour groups, yellow is not seen very often in interiors. However once you begin to look closer, there are many shades and tones of yellow that have been used over the past few years. Below I look at its evolution and what it holds for interiors in the future. Yellow has only really come to the forefront in recent years. Due to the influence of growing technology, yellow started to appear more frequently in interiors from 2012 in a very bright tone, reflecting the acid CMYK tones of digital technology around us.
Image sourced via Houzz

By 2013 yellow had moved onto a more primary, warmer tone as a reaction to technology. In 2014 we also saw this same yellow being used to add vibrancy to interiors, often paired with violet, purple, dusty green and the very popular grey.

Images sourced via Benjamin Moore (left) & Wallecor (right)

In 2015 and further into 2016, we will begin to look for colours that offer escapism from our busy working lives, where smart devices keep us connected wherever we are. Yellow will therefore become a more balanced mid-tone, bringing the colour back to a more natural hue to create calm, sanctuary like spaces in interiors.


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