Oliver Burns Design Team Trend Abbreviations: 2015

By Oliver Burns

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February 12, 2015|

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  • n the world of luxury interior design, we tend to look beyond the initial aesthetic of a trend to what is the driving force behind it, taking the best elements and working them into longer lasting, timeless design themes. Based on our upcoming projects, the design team at Oliver Burns discuss their luxury trend predictions for 2015, all stemming from an overriding theme of craftsmanship. KATIA, HEAD OF DESIGN – MASCULINITY Overall, schemes will become more masculine through every element of the design, from materials and surfaces to colour palettes. Sculpted marble, hand-applied gilt and inlaid cabinetry will communicate clear signs of craftsmanship, an important aspect of this theme. We have already seen colour palettes become richer in many of our upcoming schemes and we are set to see more dark greys, navy and tanned leathers in 2015, not forgetting the deep tones of Pantone’s colour of the year, marsala. It is the combination of these palettes with traditional materials that offer a refined luxury and create elegant, atmospheric rooms. Introducing accents such as brushed or antique gold also continue to add to the masculinity when all elements are brought together.
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Following on from the high-shine golds and coppers of previous seasons, this year a more sophisticated metal comes to the forefront in the form of bronze. The brushed metal offers a subtle understated shine and when used sparingly and tastefully to accentuate architectural details, it exudes thoughtful luxury. A sweeping bronze handrail and bronze door inlays and handles are just a couple of elements in one of our upcoming projects. This subtle use of the same metal throughout the property joins the scheme together, highlighting architectural details and shapes within the building itself.

Image via Oliver Burns. Photography, Simon Upton


In high-end luxury design, marble continues to dominate due to its timeless appearance and durability. This year mixing marbles and their varying shades and patinas highlights the natural beauty of the material further and we have adopted this approach across many of our developments and projects to create the ultimate in luxurious finishes. The cool stereotype of marble has long gone with stones such as Calacatta Oro (gold) with its warm vein and Botticino Fiorito offering a golden appearance that works well when combined with other marbles such as grey Emperador.

This mixing of marbles in areas such as floor borders is something we will be doing later this year, using Tuscan artisans to inlay sophisticated marble patterns and borders into wooden flooring. This, alongside book-matching individual cuts of marble for a beautiful enduring aesthetic, demonstrates the importance of craftsmanship and bespoke design in luxury property – an overriding theme this year.

Image via Oliver Burns. Photography, Alex James


Utilising herringbone and houndstooth patterns for upholstery is key to giving furniture a British feel with a masculine edge, a theme we are seeing emerge across design. Not only is there an increase in such patterns, but wool based fabrics which pair well with this traditional look, are also seeing a resurgence. Adding these elements through design details such as on the back of a chair, rather than the whole piece, or on the piping of a cushion, highlights the attention to detail of traditional crafts. Pairing these thoughtful details with classic furniture shapes and contemporary finishes such as high gloss veneers, provides pieces with an added modern twist on classic elegance.

mage via Oliver Burns. Photography James Balston


3D walls and textured surfaces bring a truly unique element to interiors, something all our clients desire. I designed the panels above as part of a bespoke cabinetry wall unit for a client. Each door was intricately laser cut to create the geometric pattern which transforms a plain wall of cupboards into an exciting, tactile surface.

We are also creating a double height sculptural 3D wall in a project later this year. Through the combination of computer-aided design and traditional hand sculpting it will create a striking focal point that will be carried across all levels of this duplex penthouse apartment. Similarly a client has requested a marquetry panel to be the key feature in their formal dining room. Although not textured or 3D, this demonstrates the range of wall surfaces that are being requested at the top end of the market.

With advances in both technology and materials, wood, concrete, metal and even soft surfaces such as leather are becoming more sculptural, delivering a greater variety of organic shapes particularly in wall coverings.

Images sourced via Improved Experience (left and Homedit (right


Parquet will be the flooring of choice this year, offering a distinctive elegance to interiors and bringing attention to a surface that is not often the focal point in an interior. From classic laid herringbone to modern geometric patterns, parquet can be used to create bespoke floors for individual spaces such as entrance halls and living areas. In dark wood such as antique oak, this trend mixes well with the deep masculine theme already presented and is a classic detail which will sit well within both traditional and contemporary interiors. We are also seeing limed oak and white washed herringbone floors for a lighter, more modern look. Through the use of borders and patterns, parquet flooring can become a key part of the overall room design, drawing attention to certain areas and defining spaces beautifully.


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