Maison & Objet September 2016: House of Games

By Oliver Burns

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September 9, 2016|Trends

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  • wice each year Maison&Objet provides a creative playground for architects, interior designers, and stylists alike. As such, the theme of ‘House of Games’ for this September’s edition couldn’t have been more fitting. Hosted in Paris, the international trade show spanned three major sections this year: ‘Maison’ which explored interior decoration, ‘Objet’ which covered concept and retail and finally ‘Influences’ encompassing luxury, design and architecture. A 360° experience, Maison&Objet provides an immersive and unexpected journey, dazzling visitors with its array of innovative design offerings. In this blog, we share our standout highlights from the event; a true testament to the exceptional standard of global talent on display.
Image via Visi

This month’s edition was decidedly playful in feel, inviting visitors to step into a creative world where dynamic design is married with an exquisite eye for detail. The only rule was that there are no rules; signs, shapes and colours collided to create a rich and kaleidoscopic world. Designers drew on the aesthetics of board games for inspiration, from decorative tarot cards to monochromatic dice, using this as the starting point to craft imaginative designs which fuse different styles and genres together.

Image via Julien Vermeulen

A case in point is the exquisite masterpieces of Julien Vermeulen, who works with feathers to create wholly unique creations. Julien mastered plumassarie, the art of preparing feathers and using them to fashion objects and garments, at the Lycée Octave Feuillet; the last French public school to offer this highly specialist diploma. From there, he went on to produce works of art for the ateliers of couture brands such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Valentino and Dior. Julien’s playful approach to his craft comes across through his inventive treatment of the material utilising techniques such as dying and twisting to form unexpected results. The frames presented at Maison&Objet illustrate the beauty of feathers, combining metallic glossy and matte finishes to spectacular effect.

Image via Design Boom

The late and celebrated architect, Zaha Hadid’s latest collection was unveiled at the event. A true visionary of her time, Zaha’s inventive and often playful designs where a natural fit for this year’s theme. The pieces on display, simply entitled Collection 2016, range from scented candles to an abstract chess set and all feature her signature use of geometric pattern and fluid lines. A standout piece from the collection was her ‘Illusion’ tableware, which reflects the late architect’s fascination with illusions and puzzles by using lines to create visual trickery. The collection, which is crafted in materials ranging from traditional bone china to modern resins, is unmistakably the work of Zaha Hadid and continues the legacy of this icon of contemporary design.

Image via Fos Cermaiche

From Italy comes the intriguing work of FOS Ceramiche. Founded by Piero Mazzotti and Andri Ioannou, the company has been manufacturing handmade porcelain objects since 1987 in Faenza, a city celebrated for its ceramic products. FOS uses centuries-old techniques and creative thinking to create products with a contemporary narrative. The Fossila collection uses the fossils of madrepores to act as a skeleton structure for vases, bowls and bottles, which have been finished with lavish gold and platinum detailing. These precious artefacts are adorned with a maze-like pattern, making them a perfect fit for this year’s theme.

Petra Krausova Cassia Lamp via Dezeen

The ‘House of Cards’ theme provided the perfect creative springboard for designers to interpret, resulting in a variety of creative responses from both established designers and exciting new talents. With this inspiring event over for yet another year, we are already anticipating the unveiling of new and exciting designs at Maison&Objet, in Paris next January.

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