Metallic Moods in Interiors

By Oliver Burns

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October 25, 2013|

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  • 013 has seen an intriguing mix of indulgent metallic finishes; last season’s Spring/Summer collections have remained trending, thus held a strong presence on the interior design scene, and it seems they are here to stay for the long haul. So what is it about metallic’s that have allowed them to remain shining in the limelight throughout the year? Perhaps it is their reflective and polished sheen that draws us like magpies? The tactile brushed, mottled and tarnished effects, resonant in history and intrigue? Or the rich colours that create a luxurious and sensual experience? Whatever it is the versatility of a metallic has allowed a strong variation in design which can appeal to anyone. This autumn the prevailing metallic hue seems to be copper; it’s traditional and antique, yet can bring a shine of eclecticism and contemporary flair to your home. Perhaps it is the underlying warming red tones that inspire us as the Christmas spirit creeps upon us.
Image sourced via monoqi

Copper, too, is the perfect complement to the autumn/winter trends. The reddish hues sit seamlessly alongside this seasons trending colour, dusty pink, shown above with the Copper Pink Lloop Lamp byVij5.

When finding the right product for our clients we have managed to find a nice balance indulging in the copper trend as the versatility of the metal can be applied to most interior environments. Whether this is for the more discerning client with a high-end opulent touch, or those looking for a ‘rough luxe’ beaten and aged texture, lending to the more eclectic industrial trends we are currently seeing on the market. Regardless of what you desire, adding a little (copper) shine into your interiors this winter is easy.

Starting with a grand entrance to the home, make your console table an eye-catching piece such asTaylor Llorente‘s FY Console. This organic piece is laden in copper leaf with a high gloss lacquer finish. Another area where you can make a statement is your Kitchen, with a copper splash back tile, accessories or perhaps a copper floor tile, such as that from Fired Earth.

Image sourced via Gaia & Gino

For a subtle hint, small accessories around the home can add accents of copper, such as Tom Dixon’sCast Shoe Door Stop and these beautiful wire Grid Vases by Gaia & Gino.

Image sourced via Boco Do Lobo

Where better place to show off your copper delights than your reception room? The Lallan Centre Table by Brabbu integrates the striking polished copper tones subtly alongside a luxurious black lacquer and sheen veneer. However if you are in need of something more eye-catching, the Limited Edition D. Manuel Cabinet by Boco Do Lobo is an indulgent mahogany piece of furniture that is not to be missed.

Image via Oliver Burns

Alternatively, if your taste is more classic, adding a metal bathtub is a great way to add a splash of copper to your interior. We used this copper tub from Drummonds to add a touch of metallic to a traditional Georgian home.

The extent of which we can integrate copper into our interiors is endless and although a love for all metallic finishes are trending this year, I personally think the warming tones of the copper is perfect to adorn your home this autumn.

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