Texture Through Lazer Cut Fabrics

By Oliver Burns

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December 20, 2013|

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  • his year the popular faceted, geometric trend in furniture design has evolved into something far more intricate, with origami-inspired shapes now pushing the beauty of angles to the next level. Designers are turning all kinds of materials from metal, cardboard, felt and even leather into beautiful furnishings that doubling as impressive works of art. I have recently noticed this trend now filtering down into fabrics in curtains and draperies, giving these soft materials more structure. The intricacy that can be achieved through laser cutting such fabrics produces sculptural forms that add outstanding dimension to a room. Below is a selection of my favourites that are sure to make a statement in any home.
Image sourced via Elitis

Bon Genie‘ by Elitis is inspired by kinetic art and geometry with a laser cut floral motif on a heavy weight backing to give this fabric a sculptured appearance.

Image sourced via Elitis

In a more sophisticated take, changing structures and ethereal layers are provided through ribbons of leather stitched onto semi-opaque fabric in ‘Addict‘ also by Elitis.

Image sourced via Pollack Associates

Ruffle‘ by Pollack is made up of two layers of fabric embroidered together at regular intervals with sinuous lines of stitching allowing the laser cut vertical ribbons of taffeta to appear to hang freely in the air.

Image sourced via Rodolph

Rodolph’s ‘Engaging’ features a motif of interlacing rings allowing light to filter through. For homes with large floor to ceiling windows, using this fabric as curtains will add texture to your window in a wall of dramatic texture.

Image sourced via Razortooth Design

Laser cut draperies don’t always need to be used as curtains. Modulari‘s cascading panels can be hung from the ceiling due to a special track to act as room dividers or as a structural lacy screen, providing light control and privacy to a space.

The versatility of laser cut draperies adds a unique design element to any interior scheme. Through layering with other textures and fabrics, such as voiles and satin, you can create statement works of art that provides a charming interplay between light and shade.


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