Our ethos of ‘Thoughtful Luxury’ is evident at every stage of the design process.

Our ethos of ‘Thoughtful Luxury’ is evident at every stage of the design process, brought to life by the way we curate, collaborate and narrate, creating designs that go beyond the aesthetic. Collaborating with world renowned artisans, the studio delivers elegant, quietly luxurious spaces that are felt, rather than formulaic.

“Our concept of Thoughtful Luxury underpins all that we do, from designing spaces with longevity to working with local ARTISANS that share our vision.”

Sharon Lillywhite, Founder & Creative Director

We have a talented, thoughtful team, that take great pride in upholding our exceptional level of service. The combined business, technical and creative expertise that rests within our multi-cultural studio can address and solve the most demanding requirements.

We are very proud to have been awarded the Butterfly Mark, a symbol of the Real Changemakers in luxury. Powered by Positive Luxury, The Butterfly Mark is only ever awarded to brands that meet higher and higher standards for people and nature.

This independent assessment is built on the foundation of international agreements, global frameworks and standards. The expansive assessment covers all areas of sustainability including our impact on climate, nature and water, how we treat those we work with and communities as well as how responsibly and ethically we run our business.

For more information on how we work and our Code of Conduct, please contact the studio.