Our Interior Design Predictions for 2023

Design is influenced by everything around us – fashion, architecture, the environment, even health and wellbeing. Looking forward to 2023, we share our predictions for styles and designs that will be gracing our homes next year.

Headboard designed by Oliver Burns Studio, created by Helen Amy Murray

Bringing The Outside In

Nature provides an endless source of design inspiration. From floral and winged motifs to organic lines and nature’s palette, connection to nature and ‘bringing the outside in’ is a key trend for 2023.

Get the look in your home by weaving subtle geometry, abstract patterns and the repetition found in nature through the space, whether this be in the use of wallpapers, textiles, or art.

Sedilia Sofa

Curves and Organic Lines

Modern harsh lines and rigid corners are a thing of the past and have been firmly replaced by natural lines and curves, the trend has crept into our homes since early this year and we’re expecting to see plenty more of it in 2023.

If you’ve already experimented with this trend through accessories, try taking it to the next level by featuring an organic shaped piece of furniture. Soft sweeping sofas in crushed velvet can make a sophisticated statement or adding curved walls to create a flowing sense of fluidity.

Bench designed by Oliver Burns, created by David Lawrence


Sustainability is a word that we all hear a lot, and how we are all responsible to make sustainable life choices which reduce our impact on the planet. Design plays a huge part of this and here at Oliver Burns we’re making much more conscious choices to be sure that we’re playing our part.

We work closely with suppliers to make sure that our pieces are created using more sustainable processes and materials, as well as ensuring decisions are made with our ethos of ‘thoughtful luxury’ in mind. This means thinking about designing pieces with longevity in mind and talking clients through sustainable options to reduce our impact.

Eric Schmitt armchair

Furniture as Art

Our approach to purchasing and designing furniture is changing, as we head into 2023 we are expecting to see a shift in mindset, where clients look to furniture as investment pieces.

Gone are our days of fast, disposal living, our attitudes are changing and we’re seeing more clients wanting to purchase bespoke and signature design pieces so they can be invested in as masterpieces of the future. When considering pieces for your home, keep longevity and quality in mind.

Meditation room, image via Dezeen

Mindful Homes

As we focus on leading heathier lives, we are also starting to focus on healthier minds. Experts tell us how a happy mind is intrinsically linked to a happy home, which is why we’ll be seeing the trend of ‘Mindful Homes’ appearing in 2023.

Rooms dedicated to Yoga and meditation have become more and more popular over the last couple of years. Living walls and plants can help increase a feeling of serenity, as well as purifying our air. On a larger scale, a meditation room with an untouched natural backdrop can become the central point of your practice.

Interior of Drawers

Micro Luxury

This trend is all about the details, from luxury bed linen to bespoke drawer interiors, focus on those small luxury elements that make all of the difference. Think mindfully about the finishing touches that don’t scream out but instead subtly add sophistication and class to any space.

You can also add this trend to spaces on a smaller scale by investing in luxury accessories or candles to elevate the atmosphere in your space.