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By Oliver Burns

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September 2, 2016|Trends

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  • he bathroom is generally considered a private domain within the home; a space offering much-needed solitude and relaxation in an increasingly fast-paced world. Whilst the living room and kitchen are spaces intended for entertaining and socialising, the bathroom is viewed as a welcome retreat which offers homeowners the option to temporarily press pause. An ensuite bathroom has proved enduringly popular, adding both commercial and personal value to a property. Bathrooms in luxury homes have now been elevated an extra level to cater to both the needs of men and women. In this blog, we explore the allure of his & hers ensuites, and the benefits of having clearly distinguished spaces within the home.
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For our affluent clients, time is perceived as one of the ultimate luxuries. As such, the trend for his & hers ensuites has been largely fuelled by the professional couple who require a space where their morning routines will not coincide. By installing a separate or double basin vanity units, both man and woman are able to prepare for the day ahead simultaneously. Companies such as Catchpole & Rye and Waterworks craft exquisite washstands in an array of lavish materials from delicately veined marble to mahogany veneer. Taking influence from luxury spas and hotels, the fixtures and finishes our UHNW clients look for in their bathrooms is inspired by the world’s finest establishments; experiences which they are looking to emulate in their own homes.

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Rainwater showers, oversized bath tubs and digitally controlled appliances illustrate that the kitchen now faces competition from the bathroom for the area where the most money is lavished. Premium bathroom suppliers such as Hansgrohe and Dornbracht are offering a range of spa-grade appliances, to recreate this experience at home. A case in point in Dornbracht’s Smart Water, an intuitive invention which digitally controls the shower, so that the user’s preferred water temperature, pressure and volume is released. When double or even multiple showerheads are installed, each individual’s specific preferences can be catered for, creating a space which satisfies different requirements with ease. Furthermore, inbuilt storage solutions ensure toiletries and electricals are concealed, creating an aesthetically pleasing space for both him and her.

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One of Oliver Burns’ areas of expertise is bathroom design, so we understand the need to invest time and resource into ensuring that bathrooms are no longer just functional spaces, and offer a guilt free space of beauty and tranquillity in which to relax and rejuvenate. In our super-prime residences, bathrooms and bedrooms are not designed in isolation. Instead we create master suites which have a continuous flow from the bedroom, through to the dressing room and bathroom, in order to make the suite feel like one continuous space rather than three separate rooms. This is illustrated in the carefully considered layout of the master suite in our family residence, which flows seamlessly from room to room.

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A stunning example of a his & hers ensuite, which graced the front of World of Interiors, is this bathroom inspired by the opulent Le Meurice Hotel in Paris. Unlacquered brass basins, taps and exposed piping form an eye-catching design feature, which will develop a beautiful patina over time. Suspended antique mirrors in octagonal shapes hang above a countertop crafted from deeply veined Arabescato marble, whilst delicate cut glass pendants hang either side, forming a perfectly symmetrical space. The combination of the feminine beauty of marble with the more masculine feel of brass makes for a harmonious pairing which appeals to both genders.

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With today’s high end bathrooms boasting lavish dedicated features for both men and women, we anticipate this trend will be adopted in other rooms within luxury homes, creating increasingly personalised spaces for both him and her.

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