King Charles III – An advocate for British Design

As we approach the coronation of Their Majesties, King Charles, and Queen Camilla, there is no better time to celebrate the enduring elegance of British design and how The King has been a passionate advocate for many years.

King Charles and Queen Camilla

At Oliver Burns Studio, we believe interiors should go beyond beauty and aesthetics to reflect deeper meaning and values. We take inspiration for our work from many sources and have enjoyed looking back at The King’s love of interiors and architecture and the impact he has had on building a more sustainable future.


You only need to look at the work he has conducted at Highgrove, his personal residence in Gloucestershire, to see that actions speak louder than words. A home that The King has owned since the early 80’s, where his work consistently combines his dedication to protecting the natural world with a love of design and detail. The introduction of solar panels in the 80’s, organic farming in the early 90’s and an interior re-design in the 00’s all demonstrates this passion and show how ahead of the curve he has been for so many years.

The interior of Clarence house

His private residences boast interiors, richly layered with pieces from different eras and cultures that create spaces with integrity and longevity. The King clearly looks to his team to create interiors that make it “hard to drag yourself away.” In doing so, he has surrounded himself with those he trusts to work with the collections he has, changing colour schemes maybe but re-grouping furniture, re-hanging paintings to breathe new life into his homes.

The King’s impact on architecture has been somewhat more polarising and while he has always denied being the catalyst to the classic v’s modern style war, he is clearly enthusiastic about traditional approaches to architecture and urbanism. That said, The King has always argued for visual beauty and the rehabilitation of existing buildings, two themes which are close to our hearts!

Dumfries House

The restoration of Dumfries house in Scotland is yet another example of The King’s passion for British Architecture and Design. Having stepped in at the last minute to save the house and its remarkable collection of furniture from the auctioneer’s hammer, it is well known that he took great interest in the restoration of the interiors. Looking at every detail, as every good client should! In this case, his express wish was to restore the house, so it felt like a family home and the visitors felt like guests. No hint of museum chic here!

As The King embarks on his reign, we watch with interest to see what changes he makes to the royal palaces he now call’s home. No doubt he will continue to champion British architecture and design for many more years to come.