Savoir Beds: The Art of Tailored Sleep

Each year, the clocks going back signifies the transition from summer to autumn as well as the start of a new season.

This coupled with a second lockdown, means we are spending more time in the sanctuary of our homes than ever before. With a third of our lives spent in bed, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, providing a restful space to dream, recover and recharge. One of our favourite brands when it comes to designing our luxury bedrooms is Savoir, who have become synonymous with bespoke beds that offer the ultimate in comfort. Like Oliver Burns, Savoir beds are seen in the world’s finest homes and are sought after for their extraordinary level of design. In this blog, we explore their fascinating history and how these iconic beds have been meticulously designed to perfect the art of tailored sleep.

A guest outside the Savoy Hotel. Image via Savoir Beds.

Savoir’s history begins more than a century ago when prestigious upholsterer James Edwards Ltd was commissioned to create The Savoy Bed for the iconic London hotel. Labelled the No2, this luxurious model has come to epitomise the exceptional levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail that Savoir are renowned for. In the 115 years since the refit of The Savoy in 1905, Savoir have crafted extraordinary beds for a diverse range of clientele, ranging from prime ministers and entrepreneurs to singers and socialites, all in search of the power of restorative sleep.

'With sustainability and longevity becoming more important to our clients, a Savoir bed is an investment that stands the test of time.'

Craftsman at work in Savoir factory. Image via Savoir Beds.
Craftmanship tools. Image via Savoir beds.

Part of Savoir’s allure is that their renowned beds are made from completely natural materials, preserving traditional, handcrafted techniques to form heirloom quality pieces. These time-honoured skills are passed down through the generations, such as star-lashing hourglass springs for the right amount of tension and stability and hand stitching the grid pattern of their Trellis ticking. Machines are only used to comb the horsetail, cut the headboards and curl the springs. The rest of the creative process is achieved entirely by hand. With sustainability and longevity becoming more important to our clients, a Savoir bed is an investment that stands the test of time.

Craftsman measuring fabric. Image via Savoir Beds.

This is further reflected in the emphasis on quality over quantity, with fewer than a thousand beds made in their West London and South Wales factories each year. A single craftsperson is entrusted with the creation of each bespoke bed, working on the piece from inception all the way through to completion, to ensure the finished piece is uniquely tailored to the client’s specification, body and lifestyle. Not only does this empower the maker and allow them to hone their specialist talent, it also results in an extraordinary level of craftsmanship.

Horse tail in a Savoir Bed factory. Image via Savoir Beds.

The materials selected to form a Savoir bed are also key to the overall quality and finish of the piece. Natural materials are selected over synthetic alternatives such as latex and foams, which tend to retain heat. This in turn negatively disrupts the sleep cycle, increasing sleep disturbances. Luxurious materials such as South American horsetail, cashmere combed from the neck of Mongolian goats and premium-quality timber to form the base and headboard, are reflective of the exemplary quality that distinguishes a Savoir bed from a mass-produced alternative, and which make their designs enduringly popular.

'Working at the pinnacle of luxury, many of our discerning clients are requesting personalised spaces that are unique to them'.

Savoir Beds X Fromental. Image via Savoir Beds.

Working at the pinnacle of luxury, many of our discerning clients are requesting personalised spaces that are unique to them, from his and hers bathrooms to their own areas to relax. For instance, in our Mayfair Family Residence, we designed separate his and hers bathrooms to cater to our client’s specific needs.

Handsome walnut and Calacatta Oro characterise his bathroom, with an in-shower TV providing a contemporary touch. In contrast, her bathroom is more distinctly feminine in feel, with stunning book-matched Palissandro marble, champagne gold eucalyptus joinery and gold and crystal sanitary ware. Savoir’s custom-made split tension mattress option means this level of personalisation can also be enjoyed within the bedroom, providing totally different support but in the same bed.

Craftsman signs finished Savoir bed. Image via Savoir Beds.

As with all true works of art, the finished piece is signed on the label by its maker as a hallmark of its quality; a Savoir bed is truly a piece to be cherished for many years to come.