Home from Home: How to Recreate Your Favourite Hotel

By Oliver Burns

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May 18, 2020|Luxury Design

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  • hile travelling is temporarily on hold, we find ourselves dreaming of the luxuries we enjoyed at our favourite hotels. From sumptuous bedding to decadent spa experiences, a stay in a hotel offers a much-need retreat from everyday life. While we are not able to visit these places in person, we can still recreate the feeling of sanctuary that a luxury hotel brings. The added benefit is that whilst a hotel room must please many people, your home is truly yours and can be a reflection of your unique tastes and style. Keep reading to discover our most-loved hotels around the world as well as our expert tips for replicating that luxury ambiance for the ultimate staycation.

Beautiful Bedding

Belgravia Townhouse Master Ensuite. Image by Oliver Burns.

Perhaps the most memorable part of a luxurious hotel experience is the bed. When entering a room or a suite, the bed is the first thing you see and it sets the tone for the rest of the space. The bed in a hotel room is usually strategically positioned to make the most of the view; whether that is a stunning panorama of the ocean or an inviting open-air terrace. A simple way to recreate this experience from home is to reconfigure the layout of your bedroom to maximise the available view. During this period where we are spending increased amounts of time indoors, feeling connected to the outside is more important than ever. Since we spend around a third of our lives sleeping, it makes sense that a bed should be a place of complete tranquility and therefore it is worth investing in high quality materials. A superior quality mattress is a worthwhile investment, that not only offers comfort and a restful night’s sleep, but can also have a positive impact on well-being and productivity. One of the finest manufacturers is Savoir Beds, who have over a century of experience in crafting handmade luxury beds and mattresses from chemical-free materials such as Mongolian cashmere and British lamb’s wool. The No2 bed, commissioned originally by The Savoy Hotel in 1905, is testament to the exacting standard of their iconic beds.

Image via The Ritz Carlton

When considering a colour scheme, opt for neutral bedding in soft, serene hues to reflect the clean aesthetic often associated with luxury hotel design. One of our favourite brands for bedding is Frette, an Italian textile company renowned for their beautiful linens. Frette began dressing beds in iconic hotels such as The Ritz Paris and New York’s The Plaza Hotel back in 1899. Today the world’s top hotels, including The Peninsula, Rosewood and Shangri-La, all feature Frette’s highly coveted sheets. Our Belgravia Townhouse Master Suite features layers of sumptuous bedding by Frette, exquisitely embroidered with an interlocking chain design, with the same pattern on the towels in the adjoining ensuite. Other exquisite brands for the most luxurious bedding are Leron Linens and Gayle Warwick, both of which are renowned for their hand-embroidered linens and traditional techniques. Lastly, the scenography around the bed is also important for emanating the feel of an upscale hotel. A unique headboard or a soft rug beside the bed can help to elevate the space form ordinary to extraordinary.

Signature Scent

Image via Floris

Another key feature, which often makes a high-end hotel or spa memorable, is the aroma. A luxury hotel will often carefully consider their signature scent, to ensure it is in keeping with the heritage and architecture of the building and its surrounding area as well as harmonising with the colour and textures of the design scheme. A soothing and calming fragrance works well in a bedroom, whilst a fresher, uplifting scent is more suitable for a lobby or hallway. To capture the spirit of a hotel and distill its essence into a fragrance, the perfumer has to use the evocative power of scent to create a lasting impression. One of the finest perfumers is Roja Dove who has become synonymous with luxury fragrance, working with only the most exquisite materials such as Rose de Mai, Jasmine de Grasse and natural Ambergris. Roja has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious brands, including The Four Seasons, to create bespoke and unforgettable fragrances.

Image via Hurlingham Travel

One of our favourite hotels, La Mamounia in Marrakech, combines the warmth of Atlas cedar trees, the sweetness of ripe dates and the brightness of fresh citrus to capture the alluring aroma of North Africa. Created by French perfumer, Fragonard, the iconic scent called ‘Dattes’ is diffused throughout the property and has become an integral part of La Mamounia’s DNA. The Datte fragrance also forms the signature scent in our Belgravia Townhouse, instantly evoking the essence of Morocco. Similarly, we worked with the eminent royal perfumer Floris to handcraft a bespoke signature fragrance for our Brummell Penthouse at Beau House, which reflects the quintessential British tailoring and craftsmanship that underlies this elegant residence. The fresh citrus scent features orange blossom, frankincense and myrrh to evoke the clean notes associated with the Regency Era in which Beau Brummell lived. With many high-end hotels now selling their signature scent in candle or fragrance form, this is a great way to transport yourself without having to leave home.


The Brummell Penthouse at Beau House Chandelier. Image by Oliver Burns.

Lighting is another key component of creating a luxurious and inviting atmosphere. To recreate this ambiance in your home, consider layering your lighting, experimenting with ambient, accent and task lighting to achieve the desired effect. The best hotels often consult the services of an interior designer to advise them on which areas of the room to illuminate and showcase. The right lighting has the power to completely transform a room and create the perfect ambiance that makes a hotel stay so relaxing. Recessed lighting when used correctly not only improves visibility, but adds interest and ambiance to a space. Layer this with accent lighting such as decorative pendants, candles and wall sconces to ensure a space feels balanced and harmonious.

The Finishing Touches

Regent's Park Townhouse. Image by Oliver Burns.

Once the key areas of bedding, lighting and scent have been considered, finishing details are what can truly elevate a space to reflect the high standards you would expect from your favourite hotel. The Soho House group has become renowned for its marriage of retro and contemporary design, with stylish pieces like velvet armchairs and cut-crystal Champagne coupes available for purchase in their online shop. But perhaps the most memorable feature of their rooms is the drinks trolley which makes the daily rounds to each room between 6-7pm. Drinks trolleys are a practical and stylish addition to a room, that instantly makes a space feel more decadent. Available in elegant materials such as brass, chrome, glass and marble, they can be found in all shapes and sizes at iconic hotels such as The Connaught and The Bulgari Hotel. Our Regent’s Park Townhouse features a circular gold design on portable wheels which adds a hint of Art Deco opulence to the space. For the final finishing touches to achieve a turn-down service from home, keep your favourite chocolates in a decorative glass jar and lay out a luxurious pair of matching slippers and dressing gown before bed.

By investing in high quality bedding, selecting mood-enhancing lighting and identifying your signature scent you can easily and effectively enhance your living space, transporting you in an instant from home to hotel.


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