Top 3 Ways to Accessorise a Luxury Outdoor Space

When designing a home, accessories can be viewed as the final layer that adds an all-important touch of personality and visual interest.

A thoughtfully curated selection of accessories, that complements the overall design scheme and colour palette, has the ability to elevate a space to the next level. As a result, outdoor accessories are just as important as indoor accessories, and by applying the same design principles as you would when designing the interiors of your home you can achieve a stunning result.

The accessories you choose you not only reflect your unique style and taste, but also provide an eye-catching element that helps to anchor a space. As such, we always recommend setting aside a portion of the overall budget to accommodate for styling and accessorising. In this blog, we will share our top three tips for accessorising, to elevate a luxury outdoor space from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Brummell Penthouse at Beau House Roof Terrace. By Oliver Burns Studio.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are an effective way to instantly inject colour and texture into a space. Prints that would otherwise seem overwhelming or too bold when used in an interior scheme, appear more toned down when used outdoors. For instance, the roof terrace at our Brummell Penthouse at Beau House features eye-catching cushions in a stylish monochrome stripe and vivid yellow design.

As these have been pared against a neutral colour palette, they provide just the right balance of visual interest and texture. Another benefit of adding soft furnishings into an outdoor space is it will give you a level of comfort more akin to sitting in your living room than in the open air. We love George Smith sofas and chairs, which we used to create a luxurious and comfortable seating area that feels like an extension of the interiors. Crafted from high-performance, weather-grade upholstery that features non-mould forming fabrics, it offers both style and durability.

The Brummell Penthouse at Beau House Roof Terrace. Image by Oliver Burns Studio.


Lighting is an important feature when designing an outdoor space, creating ambiance and setting the overall mood. When choosing lighting for your outdoor space, consider the atmosphere you are trying to create. If you want it to feel relaxed and tranquil, a selection of carefully placed hurricane lamps positioned on side tables or the floor creates an inviting atmosphere. Lighting can also be used to highlight statement pieces such as sculptures or water features. In our Brummell Penthouse roof terrace, a white onyx dining table features back-lit lighting, beautifully highlighting it’s clean lines and geometric design. To elevate lighting even further, an intelligent lighting system is the ultimate luxury outdoor accessory. We incorporated this feature into the design of the roof terrace, which cleverly responds to the change in light.

The Brummell Penthouse at Beau House Roof Terrace Kitchen. By Oliver Burns Studio.


The advancement of modern technology has meant features such as flat-screen TVs and under floor heating can now be enjoyed outdoors as well as indoors. A fire pit or outdoor heater is a valuable addition to any luxury outdoor space, as it provides both lighting and warmth, and ensures your space can be used even on cooler evenings. It also acts a focal point in which you can centre the rest of your design around. If you enjoy alfresco dining and entertaining, consider investing in accessories such as a self-lighting barbecue or outdoor fridge.

Park Crescent Courtyard. Image by Oliver Burns Studio.

When selecting accessories to complement your luxury outdoor space, opt for pieces that deliver on both durability and aesthetics. This way, you will be able to reflect the same level of quality in your exterior space as in your interiors.