How To Style A Luxury Bar Cart

A true icon of the Art Deco era, we love how a bar cart makes an instant style statement. Popularised during the 1920s-1970s, drinks trolleys are experiencing a revival once more as we currently spend

more time at home.

One of the benefits of a bar cart is that it is both a stylish and functional addition to a room. We recommend selecting one that reflects your style and personality, but also provides enough storage for your needs. For instance, a drinks trolley with an inbuilt rack is a practical solution for wine drinkers, whereas a bar cart with hanging storage is an alternative to showcasing glassware in a cabinet if space is limited.

Simple Gold Bar Cart. Image via Pinterest.

Bar carts crafted from warm wood lend itself to a space with a Mid-Century feel, whereas polished chrome or brass finishes are more glamorous and contemporary. We prefer a drinks trolley that are on wheels, as its placement in a room can be easily changed and it can be moved nearer to guests when entertaining.

Old Fashion Glasses with Rosemary Garnish. Image via Elle Decor.

Elegant Glassware

A bar cart provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your most cherished glassware. From crystal decanters to flutes and champagne coupes, displaying a selection of elegant glassware creates an instant sense of occasion in any room. On a multi-leveled design, we recommend positioning glassware on the top and bottles on the bottom, so the eye is visually drawn to these first. To avoid the overall composition looking too cluttered, we always select just a few spirits housed in beautiful or eye-catching bottles, and store the rest of the collection out of sight.

Gold Circular Bar Cart. Image via The Telegraph.

Artful Accessories

As well as spirits, a well-stocked bar cart should feature a selection of mixers. Elderflower pressé and tonic water our two of our favourite refreshing options. A set of cocktail tools, including a lime squeezer, muddler, strainer and a shaker in an opulent gold or understated silver finish look elegant on display when not in use. Statement books are a great way to add further colour and interest to the vignette.

Look for books with striking spines or covers that visually tie into the colour scheme to create a seamless finish. Some of our favourite books for both inspiration and decoration include The Savoy Cocktail Book and Spirited published by Phaidon, which celebrates both classic and cutting-edge cocktail recipes.

Citrus Fruits and Cocktail on a Bar Cart. Image via Vogue.

The Finishing Touches

Cocktail garnishes provide not only the finishing touch to drinks, but also to the styling of a bar cart. Slices of lemon and grapefruit displayed in a decorative bowl inject vibrant colour and freshness to the space. Likewise, cultivating a selection of herbs, such as rosemary, mint, basil and thyme not only provide an artful finish but also add a touch of greenery and texture.

Gold Bar Cart with Greenery. Image via Pinterest.

When it comes to styling a bar cart, the beauty is in thoughtfully considered and personal details. Whether you are crafting cocktails to be enjoyed with loved ones, or sharing a drink with friends over Zoom, a drinks trolley is the ultimate accessory for the perfect night in.