Bespoke Joinery: Merging Tradition with Technology

By Oliver Burns

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July 14, 2015|Luxury Design

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  • espoke design is an important aspect of making a home personal to the client and joinery forms a large element of this across all of our projects. Below, Rob Purton from bespoke joiners, Richwood London, explains what makes bespoke joinery an integral part of luxury interior design. In recent years we have seen a massive increase in the demand for bespoke joinery as people become more selective about the level of quality they want to achieve in their homes. Clients want something that is entirely custom made for them and bespoke design offers just this. When designing their home, they want a complete package, with everything coming together in a tailored turnkey solution. Joinery is an important element of this and through working with a client and their designer, we can shape every element, through choice of material, colour or style.
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Although much of our designs are handmade, merging traditional techniques with modern day technology is needed to achieve the high level of innovation required in luxury super-prime homes. We are constantly developing new and exciting finishes, treatments and styles that make use of some of the latest advances in technology. However it is the craftsmen who work with the woods, leathers and metals who really understand the way each material works and this is what is lost in mass produced items. This knowledge, attention to detail and high level of service and finish can only be achieved with a team of highly skilled craftsman. Therefore preserving these techniques is important in ensuring that such skills are still available to create the luxury interiors that super-prime properties demand.

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Beyond the design process, incorporating the latest technology into the design itself is also key for the ultra-high net worth. Although they may have state of the art televisions and sound systems, they do not necessarily want these on display at all times. Through creating a piece of bespoke joinery that is not only capable of delivering the highest level of technology, but also able to conceal it, produces an effortless and seamless finish that could not otherwise be achieved.

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A level of understanding into the buildings architecture is also important. Alongside creating new cabinetry, in period properties, refurbishing existing joinery can be a major element in creating a seamless scheme that complements the existing architecture. Therefore ensuring that the design is using the correct mouldings or panelling for that period is key. In one project we are working with English Heritage to take apart and refurbish the doors within the property piece by piece. A high gloss French polish will then be hand applied to bring them back to their former glory. It is these handcrafted elements and traditional techniques that mass production simply cannot achieve.

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However today we are seeing traditional and contemporary techniques work closer and closer together. With advances in materials such as Egger’s Eurolight, an incredibly strong honeycomb material that can hide lighting and cables inside, and the use of timber clad aluminium, joinery can be made much more robust yet retain its traditional look and feel.

Bespoke joinery is and will remain an ultimate luxury. Although the attention to detail and high level of finish can only be achieved through a team of highly skilled craftsmen, new technologies will ensure that designs will remain timeless and ultimately add value to their home.

Written by Rob Purton, Founding Director of bespoke joiners, Richwood London


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