Tips for Creating An Inspiring Home Office in Lockdown

By Oliver Burns

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April 29, 2020|Luxury Design

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  • f all the rooms in a home, the office is the most important space to achieve a balance between style and practicality. With many people now working remotely from home during this period of lockdown, the need for a clearly defined space for productivity is more essential than ever. Our expert guide shares our top tips on how to create an inspirational home office that marries functionality with style.

The Lakehouse Master Suite. Image via Oliver Burns

Tip 1: Space Planning

When considering a room to act as a remote office, choose a space in your home that is quiet and removed from potential distractions. A decorative screen is a stylish and effective way of creating a dedicated office space if the design of a home is open plan and fluid in layout. Another solution is a bespoke partition door or divider that creates a separate study space. For instance, the Master Suite in our Italian Lake House features a full-height, fretwork headboard crafted from high-gloss, warm veneer that forms an impressive centrepiece. This focal point in the room cleverly doubles up as a vanity unit on the opposite side and could work equally well as a discreet desk space.

Mayfair Townhouse Study. Image via Oliver Burns

Tip 2: Carefully Considered Lighting

A good source of natural daylight is an important requirement for creating a home office that is both inviting and stimulating. An attic room can offer an ideal space for a study, as they often benefit from abundant natural light. To increase the amount of light within a space without it obscuring your vision, a semi-translucent Roman blind is a more effective option than a curtain as it softly diffuses rather than blocks out the source of light entirely. Where possible, position your desk in front of a window to avoid the glare sunlight can cause on a laptop or computer screen and to enjoy maximum natural light. If this is limited due to the position a room faces or the season, it can be supplemented by carefully selected artificial lighting instead. The study in our Mayfair Family Residence features a stylish curved brass lamp that creates a design statement whilst also providing an effective source of down lighting when working.

Soho Lofts Study. Image via Oliver Burns.

Tip 3: Storage and Seating

Another key aspect of creating a comfortable and inspiring working environment is the furniture and seating you select. An ergonomically designed chair will provide all-important support for your posture whilst working from home, whilst a desk with in-built storage solutions will ensure your space remains organised and uncluttered. A sculptural desk chair adds a sense of glamour, and if you choose one with a high back it doesn’t need to be a compromise on style over comfort.

Regents Park Townhouse Study .Image via Oliver Burns

Tip 4: Mood Enhancement

Ambiance is as important as lighting for creating an appealing work environment. Candles by iconic Italian designer Fornasetti look as exquisite as they smell. Housed in decorative ceramic vessels they create a style statement which infuses the air with uplifting and relaxing scents. To increase concentration and productivity levels further still, sound is also a key factor in creating an effective home office. Ambient soundscapes that feature notes from nature such as birdsong have been proven to aid concentration and are particularly soothing in this current time where our outdoor exposure is more limited than normal.

Park Crescent Study. Image via Oliver Burns.

Tip 5: Stationary and Styling

Colour can play an important role in how we feel within a space, helping to stimulate motivation. Warm tones are best for creativity, whilst cooler hues assist in logic-based thinking. Beautiful stationary can also be a great way to stay organised and inspired. We love stationary by Christian Lacroix, Smythson of London and Mount Street Printers, which we use for everything from making note of our daily tasks to gratitude lists. A mood board is another simple but effective way of staying inspired. Display motivational quotes, photographs, magazine articles and postcards on a board, and refresh this every week to always have a visual and creative display of what is currently inspiring your working day.

The Lakehouse Home Office. Image via Oliver Burns.

Tip 6: Personal Finishing Touches

A home office is highly personal and should not only be a practical space but one that also reflects your style, tastes and interests. Treasured items such as framed family portraits and cherished mementoes prevent an office from feeling sterile and depersonalised, instead reflecting your individuality and acting as a welcome source of inspiration and motivation. Fresh flowers and plants bring a much-needed touch of nature as we spend more time indoors than outdoors. Ferns, bamboo and snake plants especially are thought to alleviate stress and improve communication and energy as well as air quality by removing impurities.

Image via Pinterest

As the office becomes one of our most cherished spaces within the home, the value of a well designed, functional and stylish space to work is all the more apparent. An effective office design not only aids productivity, but more importantly frees up precious time to enjoy with family and friends.


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