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    By Oliver Burns

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April 8, 2020|Luxury Design

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  • e sit down with Sharon, Founding Partner, to find out her working from home routine, what is currently inspiring her and her self-isolation tips.

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  • What is your best design tip or recommendation for being in self-isolation?

    Start each day positively. Move your body. Keep connected and give gratitude for what you have.

Keep connected and give gratitude for what you have

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What are your daily self-care rituals?

I spend time meditating each day as well as reflecting on what I’m grateful for. I’ve also been having a hot bubble bath and lighting my favourite candle, Otto by Malin & Goetz.

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  • What are you reading, watching and listening to?

    I’m reading Robin Sharma’s ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’. I’m watching The Morning Show and learning through the Masterclass app. I’m listening to Oprah & Eckhart Tolle on Super Soul Conversations. Music-wise, I’m listening to The Weeknd, Joel Corry and some old school tunes when I’m having virtual drinks with my friends.

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What are your working from home desk essentials?

My MacBook Pro, Airpods, and my to-do list to stay focused on goals and objectives I want to achieve. A candle and flowers helps to create an inspiring work space and I’ve always loved gorgeous stationary since I was little! Last but not least, a big bottle of water so I don’t forget to drink throughout the day

A candle and flowers helps to create an inspiring work space and I love gorgeous stationary

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  • What room in the house are you most grateful for currently?

    Since lockdown the place we usually spend the most time, our family room, has been bagged by my 11 year old son, so I’ve been spending time in our reception room which is usually for more formal entertaining. It’s a special space particularly with the sun streaming through the sash windows. I love that it was hardly used before and is now much more cosy and lived in – even my French bulldog has managed to work his way onto the sofa!

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  • Describe your daily routine at the moment?

    I’m getting up 30 minutes later at the moment as there isn’t the usual mad rush to get ready for the school run and work. I unearthed some old dance DVD’s and have started to work out before breakfast, which is a positive new addition to my daily routine. ‘Hip Hop Abs’ is my favourite as it makes me happy, although lots of hip-hop but no abs at the moment! I’m working by 8.30am and the morning usually goes by quickly, catching up with the team and clients via Zoom meetings and emails. We’ve started walking the dog as a family around lunchtime and I’m embracing a slower pace of life. Then it’s back to work until around 6pm and then it’s dinner. Most nights I catch up with family or friends online and then we watch a family movie. Bedtime is about 10.30pm.

What are your aims/objectives for the coming weeks?

  • To embrace this new norm as positively as possible – it’s out of my control
  • Keep team morale up
  • Progress our projects as much as we can from home
  • Work on a passion project
  • Do the things that I complain I don’t have enough time to do normally, from organising my inbox to de-cluttering
  • Enjoy spending more time with my family
  • Give service
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What travel destination is next on your list to visit?

We were meant to be going to Puglia in Italy at the end of May but that looks highly unlikely now. Other destinations on my bucket list include South Africa and another Californian road trip but this time doing the national parks.


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