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By Oliver Burns

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November 5, 2016|Luxury Design

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  • f all the rooms in a home, the study is the most important space to achieve a balance between style and practicality. With the rise of open-plan living, the lines between rooms are increasingly blurred as multi-purpose areas such as the kitchen and reception room gain popularity as a space to entertain and socialise. However, the study is one room in the home which requires a clearly defined space for productivity. With a rising number of people setting up office from home or working remotely, a distinct area dedicated to work is all the more important. From carefully considered lighting to ergonomically designed furniture, our guide to designing a home study covers how to create a space that is as functional as it is stylish.
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World-renowned companies such as Apple and Google have set the corporate benchmark for desirable offices, designing spaces that push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Thoughtfully designed to encourage productivity levels and featuring the latest state-of-the-art technology, these inspiring offices are paving the way for a new era of home work space. By utilising the basic principles of this new wave of corporate office environments such as minimalist design, creative flourishes and clever use of lighting, a successful home study can be conceived.  The addition of treasured items, family portraits and mementos prevents this from feeling sterile and depersonalised, instead creating a welcoming environment that reflects the user’s individuality.

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When choosing a room to act as a study, consider a space in the home which is quiet and away from potential distractions. Upon evaluating the space available, bear in mind the technology that will need to be integrated within the overall design. Connecting computers, routers, printers and speakers to a carefully concealed power source will make for a seamless finish.  A good source of natural daylight is also an important requirement for creating a space that is at once inviting and stimulating. This can be supplemented by artificial lighting such as an iconic Anglepoise lamp for a classic and timeless addition which will never go out of style. An ergonomically designed chair and accessories such as a mouse pad with wrist support also provide valuable additions to creating a comfortable environment from which to work.

Image via Based Upon

Investing in a beautifully crafted desk can anchor the space, whilst also providing valuable storage. Luxurious materials and details such as metal or bronze inlay, leather finishes or stunning marquetry can create a real design statement and talking point. Linley offers an array of exquisite desks crafted from the very finest materials, inspired by classic and timeless designs from eras gone by. London studio Based Upon specialises in creating bespoke, tailored pieces that reflect the history, passions and personalities of their clients. One such commission saw Based Upon travel to Siberia to amass a collection of stories, sketches and photography to shape the design of a commemorative desk. Exquisitely crafted from phosphor bronze, engraved to depict Siberian symbols and scenes as well as oak, leather and tramazite, the result is a piece of functioning artwork.

Image via Oliver Burns

This study may be located in the heart of fashionable and modern Soho, but the design we created breathes a sense of old world elegance into this contemporary residence. A sepia-toned map printed onto cork forms a stunning backdrop to the space. An artist’s easel propped against the wall lends further creativity and interest to the space. The juxtaposition of the natural grain and texture of the wood desk with the minimalist design of computer and keyboard makes for an inspiring place to work.

Image via Oliver Burns

The study we designed for Park Crescent 9 marries traditional finishes with contemporary touches. A bespoke oval-shaped desk crafted from rich mahogany forms the centrepiece. Ralph Lauren pinstripe wallpaper and houndstooth accessories make a subtle nod to British tailoring, whilst thoughtfully chosen accessories such as a Tom Dixon feather bookmark and a Skultuna pencil pot weave in glamorous gold accenting. A curated selection of succulents, objet d’art and books showcased on matching mahogany shelves forms the all-important finishing touch.

Image via Architectural Digest

A well-designed and thought-out study creates a space that is relaxing, inviting and above all productive. In short, an efficient office design frees up precious time to be spent with family and friends; a truly valuable investment to make.

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