The art of styling super-prime developments

By Oliver Burns

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September 16, 2015|Luxury Design

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  • he success of our prestigious residential developments lies in our thorough understanding of the requirements of the discerning individuals with whom we work. Ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWI’s) are often constrained by the demands of a busy international schedule, so when we create a super-prime development we always take care of every last bespoke requirement with meticulous attention to detail throughout, until the turnkey project is complete and ready to become a home.       
Image via Oliver Burns

A true home to Oliver Burns is a treasure chest of thoughtful accents and pieces that together transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary.  This process of transformation is done through our multi-sensory approach to styling our developments – a form of ‘super-styling’ that caters for all the senses, taking the buyer on a journey from the time they enter the building and showcases our design to stunning effect.

The key to super-styling is layering. The best way to do this is by creating a focal point in each room and gradually adding layers of sensory interest.

Visual interest is the most important consideration and is created through the dynamic interplay of scale, proportion, colour, texture and pattern.

Image via Oliver Burns

Colour is a great way of making a statement and creating a mood.  In a development we usually opt for a neutral palette with coloured accents.  These accents can be as simple as coloured cushions on a white sofa, a stunning coloured vase, or a statement piece of furniture upholstered in a standout hue.

Image via Oliver Burns

Texture is just as important as colour for adding interest; even when we work monochromatically with just one colour, texture is vital to provide depth, contrast and visual weight.

Image via Oliver Burns

Pattern can also be used to spectacular effect if used in the right way; Missoni cushions create just enough visual tension, and we also particularly like geometric prints.

Image via Oliver Burns

A client’s favourite brands are always an important addition to our developments. It gives the prospective UHNW buyer an immediate sense of reassurance in terms of quality, whilst reinforcing their status and making them feel at home.  In our bespoke walk-in wardrobes we use brands such as Huntsman suits for the gentlemen, Louis Vuitton luggage, shoe draws with Louboutin’s and bag display shelves with Chanel and Hermes.

Image via Oliver Burns

Artwork transforms a space like nothing else, and also continues to hold its place as one of the biggest investments of passion for UHNWI’s. We like to work with the best galleries to curate artworks for our developments.  Buyers at this level are time poor, so carefully selecting premium pieces of art and sculpture that blend in beautifully with the overall design scheme but are also significant investment pieces really adds value creatively and commercially.

Image via Oliver Burns

Beautiful fresh flowers create a real wow factor, even serving as a focal point for a space.  We work with various floral designers, from McQueens to Wild at Heart to create our floral displays, so that every detail is thoughtfully considered.

Image via Oliver Burns

Thoughtfully chosen books styled on tables or colour-blocked in bookcases can create a series of beautiful visual pauses, especially when propped with quirky items and objet d’art.  They anchor the display, give them a sense of balance and juxtapose concepts.

Image via Time Magazine

Moving to the other senses, we also like to tell the story of the beautiful buildings we work in through scent. Scent styling is fast becoming the next frontier in interiors as it has the ability to instantly transform a space and enhance the buyer’s experience.  We are currently working on a signature scent for the Penthouse at Beau House, our collaboration with Dukelease, on Jermyn Street, that reflects its strong identity of understated elegance with elements of quintessential British tailoring and craftsmanship.  Our scent logos are delivered through heating and cooling systems, and via discreet atomisers and candles.

Image via Oliver Burns

Discreetly installed in each of our developments is a high specification multi room audio, motion and lighting system, which enables different moods. Each room has scene programmable lighting, motion black out blinds and Crestron controls. We know that music is a great mood changer, so for each development we create various playlists to reflect different moods, which are changed depending on what time of the day it is, and the buyers personal preference.

Image via Oliver Burns

We don’t adopt a cookie-cutter approach to designing our developments; each apartment and home is unique.  We design from the inside out so that the scheme is perfectly in harmony with the architecture of the building, respecting its history and story.

Super-styling works in the same way.

When building works are complete, the deep clean done, and all FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment) are placed, that’s when the process of transformation begins.  Each layer is added until we have a carefully curated collection of furniture, art, books and objects that showcase a luxury lifestyle and tell a story; the end result is always understated and effortless, just like Thoughtful Luxury should be.

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