The Art of Accessorising

By Oliver Burns

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August 18, 2014|

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  • hen it comes to choosing accessories for the home, this takes custom home design to next level. Mirrors, art, cushions, rugs and decorative objects are the important finishing touches that will add colour, shape and texture to complete the ‘look’ of your home, and at Oliver Burns it is the final opportunity to showcase the personality, style and interests of our clients. Probably the most important thing to remember is that less is more, meaning that accessorising should not descend into random clutter; be selective and chose pieces that you feel are unique to you and your home
Image sourced via Riviere

Italian company Riviere combines modern Italian sophistication with traditional leather manufacturing skills. Their hand-crafted range of leather accessories add a touch of luxury to any home capturing a uniquely tailored aesthetic in their accurate details and modern clean lines.

Image sourced via Aura

Your coffee table is an ideal place to showcase beautiful trays, books, boxes and decorative objects. View the fabulous range by Aura who design and supply high end furniture, lighting, mirrors and table top items.

Image sourced via Utopia & Utility

Accessorising a room with vases is simple and elegant, and is an easy way to bring interesting patterns, colour, texture and unique shapes into the home. Utopia and Utility founded in 2012, combine the ‘functional and the fantastical’ in their innovative and colourful product range. Stacking Vessels Copper & Stacking Vessels Brass disassemble into two separate containers to create a dynamic display of vases and bowls.

Images sourced via Lonny (left) and Jonathan Adler (right)

Whether you’re showcasing an art collection or favourite family snapshot, a photo gallery wall is a fun way to create a focal wall using frames of varying sizes and styles. Also Easels like the Bristol Floor Easel by Jonathan Adler, shown above, are fabulous room accessories for displaying your favourite pieces. You can easily change out what you display as often as you like or move it to another room altogether if you wish.

Image sourced via Jonathan Adler

Johnathon Alder’s home décor & accessory collection has a witty, sophisticated and chic sense of style excellently portrayed in this room set above. If you’re looking for playful accents to create an informal look or a space that has a quirky edge head to his website and immerse yourself in his ‘happy home’ manifesto.

Whether it takes a week, a month, or a whole life time, knowing how to assemble your own finishing touches in an artful and meaningful way is a fine art and a very important part in the design process. We advise all our clients to set aside a portion of their budget to allow for these elements that can make or break a design scheme so consider how and where they might work in your home at the start of your project and not just at the end.


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