Bringing the Bath into the Bedroom

By Oliver Burns

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March 30, 2013|Luxury Design

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  • n many of our projects, both private homes and residential developments, we are now seeing the bathroom become one of the most important rooms in the house. The desire for a home spa experience has seen many luxury home owners look to create a retreat within their personal space. Taking influences from some of the world’s most luxury hotels, such as Babington House shown above, there is now a merging of the bedroom and the bathroom spaces. The bathroom was once one of the smallest rooms in the house but as they have grown in size, the spaces are now being opened up into the bedroom itself. An alternative take on the en-suite, this design solution not only achieves a luxurious aesthetic is also gives the illusion of more space
Image sourced via Drummonds

Bringing the bath into the bedroom means it acts as a central piece in the room and sets the tone for relaxation. Baths themselves are now becoming more of a statement piece of furniture in their own right with designs to suit all styles. From the super sculptural contemporary Cabrits bath From Victoria & Albert to a traditional cast iron roll top such as this Drummonds copper clad Usk bath which fits perfectly with the traditional feel of this master bedroom, a bath in the bedroom can make a stunning centrepiece.

Image sourced via David Churchill

For the bath to work within the bedroom space, the design needs to be carefully considered. It is essential that it is cohesive with the room and designed to fit into the space properly otherwise it may end up looking like an afterthought. In the room above, the alcove has been perfectly designed to fit the bath with spotlights strategically fitted to highlight it.

Image sourced via Domus Nova

The area surrounding a large bay window is often unused, however placing a bath in this space will frame both the window and the bath offering a wonderful aesthetic appeal. Having a window to gaze out of whilst bathing is also very relaxing and when not in use, the bath will draw the eye out towards the view.  Sheer voiles like these above will also bring a romantic feel to the space whilst retaining some privacy.

Image sourced via Houzz

Zoning areas of your bedroom, such as raising the bath up on a platform or tiling the floor around your bath will mean there is a separate ‘wet area’ which will aid in the practicality of joining the two spaces.

Images sourced via Decorpad (left) and Oliver Burns (right)

If bringing the bath into the bedroom isn’t an option, opening up the wall between your bedroom and en-suite will allow both spaces to flow without breaking the boundaries of each room. Sliding pocket doors, like those in our bedroom design above, are also a unique way to achieve an open-plan en-suite.

The bath can be a very beautiful piece of furniture so it is unsurprising that we are now looking to show it off as part of our interior décor. Reflecting the move towards a more open-plan living, opening up your bathroom into the bedroom can transform a simple room in the house into a serene, relaxing retreat.


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