Personal Touches For The Perfect Home

By Oliver Burns

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June 16, 2015|Luxury Design

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  • hen designing a luxury development, our choices are driven by targeting the finished property at a specific clientèle, while still appealing to a broad range of tastes.  Fixtures and finishes will have a relatively generic yet luxury appeal and create an environment that allows the buyer to enhance the property by adding their own finishing touches. However, when we work with a private client the design process and final result is a personalised one.  It is essential for us to spend time getting to know our client, to not only learn about their likes and dislikes from a design perspective but understand their personality, interests and passions too. It is these things which can then be drawn upon to inform a design that is specific to them.
Image via Oliver Burns

The deep blue and grey colour palette utilised within this living room was driven by the client’s love of the Amalfi Coast, a regular destination for their family holidays, drawing inspiration from the Tyrrhenian Sea that borders this area of the Italian coast line. We also included framed etchings from the hilltop town of Ravello and a framed Hermès scarf with scenes of Capri.

Taking stimulus from a client’s favourite place is an ideal way of creating an interior that has both a personal and sentimental meaning, rousing memories of their time at the destination.

Image via Oliver Burns

A world map was designed to be the focal point within this study, reflecting the client’s passion for travel. Printed on cork it enables the client to pin images and memorabilia from their travels, making this an evolving personal touch within the room.

Images sourced via Modern House Plans (left) and Oliver Burns (right)

Artwork and collections are key when creating a personalised interior and something we are often asked to incorporate by our clients, such as the collection of architectural prints above (right).  They can act as a key driver in the overall scheme or alternatively be positioned within an already defined backdrop. Also shown above (left), a neutral colour scheme allows a large statement painting to become the focal point within the room, which is further highlighted by the selected armchair upholstery fabric that picks out one of its main colours.

Image via Oliver Burns

Another important aspect of designing a personalised interior is to ensure that it works for the client’s day to day lifestyle. The way the space is planned or storage units are coordinated should be thoughtfully considered to work for the way in which the space is going to be used. Above this space would naturally be a dining room, however the client wanted a personal space for their child so we turned it into a playroom instead.

Our homes and interiors are personal spaces so while elements of the design may be driven by the architecture of the building, the overall look and feel of any room should be guided by the user’s personal tastes and personality.   Whether picking up on a favourite holiday destination or utilising artwork or artefacts with sentimental value, a personal touch can be introduced in many forms.


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