Preparing the Perfect Guest Bedroom

By Oliver Burns

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December 18, 2013|

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  • t this time of year there’s always a constant flow of friends and family coming and going from our homes and it’s important that visitors feel welcome. If you are opening up your home to overnight guests this festive season, ensure your guest bedroom is warm and welcoming with a few simple design details. Keeping your guest room neutral and accessories to a minimum is important in providing visitors with a relaxing atmosphere. Colours such as grey, taupe and off white are calming tones and will provide a spa like feel that will promote a good night’s sleep. A simple uncluttered style will also provide a blank canvas to add pattern or hints of colour through accessories and soft furnishings.
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Create an inviting atmosphere with cosy bedding and plenty of pillows. Layering textures and fabric weights will not only add depth to the room but will allow guests to tailor the bed to their specific needs. Placing a thick pile rug by the side of the bed will also offer a treat underfoot when your guest first wakes up. Zoffany‘s new rug collection, in a luxurious wool and silk blend, comes in 32 different shades so you are sure to find a colour that suits.

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Adding seating such as a chair or chaise lounge into your guest bedroom will offer a place for your guests to retire, to simply read a book or catch up on emails. This extra area means your guests aren’t restricted to just sleeping in the room, providing a personal space for relaxation. The Chester Moon Chair from Baxter will certainly stand out in any bedroom, with soft tufted leather inviting your guests to sit back and recline.

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You don’t want the room to feel too formal and impersonal so add artwork or fresh flowers to bring character and interest to the scheme. Trowbridge Gallery offer a vast array of artwork including prints and photographs in beautiful handmade frames that can fit any interior scheme.

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An inviting scent that will draw your visitors in is the perfect finishing touch to a guest bedroom. Room diffusers will fill the room with a beautiful aroma that will welcome guests as they enter and an array of scented candles will create a warm, inviting ambience. For an extra personal touch, choose someCountry Candle Company alphabet scented candles in your guests’ initials.

A guest bedroom needs to couple the comfort of a home with the small luxuries of a hotel. With a few thoughtful touches your guest bedroom can provide both the welcome and the wow factor that will leave a lasting impression.

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