Security and the Super-Prime Home – James Bond Style Living

By Oliver Burns

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November 19, 2015|

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  • hilst the stunning penthouse, bespoke wardrobe by Tom Ford and Tom Dixon cocktail shaker are design staples for the budding 007, we take a look behind the scenes at the smart technology and security we use in super-prime properties that underpins James Bond style living.

Security and privacy are a top priority for our globally mobile clients, often meaning the need for MI6 style security systems in the super-prime homes we create.

The combined technical and creative expertise that rests within our team can address the most demanding of requirements.  Some of the most secure solutions need to be considered at the beginning of a project as we weave them into the fabric of the building.

Starting with the architectural elements, we create hidden spaces and hidden storage. Although never the topic of conversation, panic rooms come as a standard feature at the very top end of the market and sometimes even require their own independent air supply. We also work on hidden lifts for added security as well as hidden cellars and garages to house our clients’ investments of passion.

A number of clients also request bullet, blast and bomb proof windows and doors, which is a growing trend among ultra-high net worth individuals. This is a particularly important request when their property is exposed or in a high profile central location.

Safes are also compulsory in super-prime properties – due to their large size, floors need to be reinforced to support their weight.  All of these ‘secret spaces’ are thoughtfully concealed into the structure of the building, however we continue to use bespoke joinery to feature hidden compartments for valuables. These spaces can even be automated to hide or reveal valuable art or jewellery collections when required.

Biometric Security Technology has filtered down from governments and businesses and is increasingly used in the homes we create as clients become more comfortable with using basic fingerprint ID in their everyday lives.  Depending on the level of security required, fingerprint locks are the most popular and easy to install; however hand and finger geometry, retina or iris scanning, voice analysis, vein geometry and facial recognition are on the rise, dependent on the needs of our clients and the level of security they require.

Perimeter intrusion detection is crucial at this level and a variety of kit is used to ensure that homes are safeguarded, from thermal security cameras to different sensors.  Panic buttons are a standard feature in every room.  If the home is an apartment in a development, door entry will always link to the concierge.

Whether their main residence or a second or third home, our clients are able to control and observe their properties from wherever they are in the world. To do this we discreetly install multi room audio, lighting and motion systems. Even though a team of staff may be present in the property, clients can still manage all audio-visual functionality and stream live video from the palm of their hand via their phone or tablet.

Our objective is to ensure that these security options are incorporated into our client’s homes in a meaningful way.  The products and technology that we specify always have a reason for being – not just for the cool factor (unless a client specifically requests it) – it must add value, whether enhanced security, flexibility or entertainment. The result is a thoughtfully designed unique home that even Q would be proud of.


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