The Beauty of Bespoke Headboard Design

By Oliver Burns

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January 19, 2016|Luxury Design

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  • hen designing for our discerning clients, creating a focal point in a room provides a place for the eye to rest and also acts as a foundation around which we style the rest of the space. The key to successfully achieving this is by finding the perfect balance between a statement piece and thoughtful details to create visual interest through the dynamic interplay of scale, proportion, colour, texture and pattern.  In a bedroom, the natural focal point is usually the bed and the headboard, so it is of paramount importance that the design and detailing of the headboard is carefully and thoughtfully considered. The natural choice is a bespoke headboard, designed specifically for the client. At Oliver Burns, a favourite amongst our designers is the fabric wrapped tufted style which has classic appeal and will withstand the test of time. This elegant style is very flexible and can meet the most demanding of requirements, ensuring that our clients have a one of a kind classic piece that will serve them for years to come.
Image via Oliver Burns.

We often use joinery in conjunction with headboard design for both aesthetic and functional purposes e.g. for smart storage solutions or for hidden lighting features. The dark wooden joinery above has been used to surround a simple geometric headboard to dramatic effect. The framing gives the space the feeling of opulence, houses lighting and by selecting luxurious lighter fabrics with a metallic sheen we have ensured the bed is the main point of interest in this scheme.

Image via Oliver Burns

To show how truly versatile  the fabric wrapped tufted style is, we can see the elegant use of the button tuft which creates a simple but thoughtful detail, enabling the headboard to flow seamlessly into the striped Ralph Lauren wall covering without any risk of clashing. So whether we are designing a contemporary Soho Loft apartment or a classic Mayfair penthouse the perfect look can be achieved using the wrapped tuft style we love.


To focus on the luxury of space available, we often utilise the full height of a wall, designing luxurious headboards that span from floor to ceiling. Deciding on the width of the headboard is just as important as the height and should be carefully considered to ensure it does not become disproportionate to the surrounding space. The intricate details on the hand sculpted leather headboard created by Helen Amy Murray is almost art-like; captivating those who walk in to the room. Although exhibiting a subtler pattern, the selection of the leather fabric responds well to light to create a show of shadows and illuminations which differ throughout the day giving an added depth to the design. This design highlights the importance of thoughtfully selecting the right fabric for the space in this case dictated by the light available.

Image via Christopher Guy

As an alternative to traditional upholstered headboards, we have noticed the emergence of more contemporary materials in headboard design such as glass, metals and wood. Contemporary carved wooden headboards can be designed to create a spectacular statement which can give the wow factor to a bedroom’s design. A recent favourite of ours is the La Flamee headboard finished in Italian Silver and taken from the Mademoiselle collection by Christopher Guy. Inspired by the distinct style of Coco Chanel, this is an interpretation of her unrivaled timeless style inspired by the twists of  a radiant ever-glowing flame.

Ultimately as with all aspects of our work, the key to designing the perfect bespoke headboard is a harmonious partnership of expert design, craftsmanship, and the use of the finest materials thoughtfully put together. With the headboard mastered it is important to layer the space with carefully considered accents and pieces such as a pair of beautiful Armani Casa bedside tables, hand crafted crystal lamps and sumptuous Hermès cushions to take the space from a series of  beautiful pieces to a beautifully finished bedroom that dreams are made of.


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