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By Oliver Burns

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August 25, 2017|Luxury Design

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  • rom the allure of Elizabethan interiors to why roof terraces remain such a highly sought after feature, we have collated together our top 10 most popular blogs. Covering a broad range of diverse content on luxury interior design and property, keep reading to be transported all the way from the Georgian era to the age of Art Deco and to learn why geometric and Scandinavian design remains so popular.
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1. Scandinavian Modern Design

Scandinavian modern design has been a strong and enduring influence on our homes since the 1930s when the Modernist movement evolved. Simple clean lines, the use of organic materials and a focus on making the most of natural light are the elements that define the design style. What Scandinavian Modern achieves better than almost any other is to perfectly marry practicality with sophisticated design, and deliver an approachability that makes it the preferred style for many in the 21st century.

Image sourced via Ferm Living

2. Geometrics: A Timeless Trend

Natural geometry is all around us and can be found in furniture design, architecture and materials too, meaning you don’t need to completely redesign your home to add a touch of this seasons trend into your interior. We explore how geometrics have evolved and how bold geometry can fit into your interior scheme, whatever your design style.

Image via Oliver Burns

3. The Real Value of Roof Terraces

When a super-prime buyer is spending up to £7,000 per sq.ft on a property in London, they get the very best; an iconic address, world-class interiors, private spa facilities and underground parking. But there is one highly sought-after feature that doesn’t come as standard with a multi-million pound London home and that’s a roof terrace.

Image via Oliver Burns

4. Georgian Style in Period Property

The Georgian era spans more than a century and takes in various influences from Palladian to Neo Classicism. From townhouses to country estates, we pick out the quintessential elements that make up this grand period.

Image Via Alveen Daly

5. Aiveen Daly: The Art of Luxury Upholstery

Aiveen Daly describes her work as ‘tailoring for furniture;’ effortlessly bridging the gap between fashion and interiors. Featuring exquisite detailing such as fine beading, pleating, stitching and fabric manipulation techniques executed on the finest fabrics and butter soft leathers, Aiveen’s designs are thoughtful luxury exemplified.

Image via Oliver Burns

6. The Art of Window Dressing

The world of window dressing is vast and extensive, so we have pulled together the styles that we primarily practice at Oliver Burns, ranging from smart, contemporary looks, to the more opulent presence.

Image via Katharine Morling

7. Katharine Morling: The Art of Sculptural Ceramics 

Award-winning artist Katharine Morling skillfully uses the medium of ceramics to craft figurative and narrative works of art. Since setting up her studio in 2003, Katharine has achieved international acclaim for her unique pieces, which she describes as three dimensional sketches. In this blog, we explore the creative process behind her thoughtfully crafted works of art.

Image via Oliver Burns

8. Art Deco Influences in Interiors

Geometric patterns, shiny metallics, monochrome and foliage patterns can all be linked back to Art Deco. In this blog, we explore this design style further in order to establish where these trends originated.

Image via Neptune

9. Scandinavian Interiors: The Art of Hygge

At the heart of Nordic design lies the concept of hygge; a term which derives from the Norwegian word for ‘well-being’ and the Old Norse word hygga meaning ‘to comfort’. Follow our design guidelines to creating a hyggelig home which effortlessly exudes warmth and comfort.

Image via Anglotopla

10. An Introduction to Elizabethan Style

This blog explores the architecture and interior design which characterized Elizabethan England during Shakespeare’s lifespan as well as how the period continues to inspire us


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